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My name is Mark Armstrong, I’m the co-founder of Ursa Story Company and founder (emeritus) of Longreads, the National Magazine Award-winning site that kicked off a renaissance for longform writing on the internet. I started Longreads as a Twitter account and hashtag in 2009, and it was acquired by Automattic/WordPress.com in 2014. I’m still focused on how the internet can help us make, share, and support great art and journalism. You can read more about me at markarms.com.

This newsletter is a place to share my own writing about work, entrepreneurship, and creativity — plus other stories from around the web that are well worth your time.

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Why a Newsletter?

Email is still one of the best ways to build a connection with readers. For anyone building a digital business, the two foundational elements are still 1.) create a website, and 2.) create an email newsletter. Social media is important, but audiences and algorithms are fleeting. With email you get to build community on your own terms.

I also like to share creative and insightful work from other people, and email is a nice way to do that too.

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Co-founder of Ursa Story Company and founder of Longreads on work and creativity.


Co-founder of Ursa Story Company, and founder (emeritus) of Longreads.